Easy Energy Engager is helping landlords find ways to manage MEE (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) to avoid penalties and save money.

More than 300,000 properties in England and Wales could be unlettable because they fail to meet new energy performance standards starting April 1st 2018.

Landlords must act now, estate agents warn. One in 10 rental properties in the UK could be unlettable next year, according to government figures, if landlords fail to improve their energy efficiency. From 1 April 2018, privately rented properties must meet new energy efficiency standards or landlords cannot rent them out to new tenants or relet to existing ones. Landlords should review their properties to check they meet the required standards.

Easy Energy Engager (EEE) – Free Help to Find Solutions

SmartKlub is helping landlords find easy ways to get energy solutions that work in a new energy solution service called Easy Energy Engager.  We have found that in early projects simple low-cost solutions can be found in:

  • Correcting errors in EPC certificates
  • Aligning correct finance solutions
  • Interpreting the legal relevance
  • Create savings through bundling opportunities

We can help you avoid penalties and save money by completing  this very short survey HERE.  We would like to talk to you about your biggest energy problems and find a solution together. We will contact you back!

Join us! EEE is not only for landlords, it is for all property owners who want quick easy energy solutions.  By bringing us your energy problems to solve you will help the UK spread the knowledge to all.

Link to CAPE landing page here
Link to SmartKlub website here
Link to David Morgan linkedIn page here

Image source: irishnews.com

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