Towards an Oxfordshire Energy Strategy: Developing the Route Map

SmartKlub will be helping OxLEP plan a joint future energy strategy on 18th April in the second collaborative workshop on energy route mapping.  It is planned that community energy will form a central core to the themes.

Tools developed locally such as “Community Action Platform for Energy” (CAPE) will extend the possibility of what is achievable.

It was unanimously accepted that communities and change of social behaviour will have the greatest impact in fostering a low carbon economy. Fast enabling solutions like “Community Action Platform for Energy” (CAPE) portal that allows communities to easily start new clean energy & energy efficiency projects. CAPE is a locally developed product with £1m investment funding with Innovate UK/SmartKlub and partners.


Figure: CAPE uses open data and mapping to automatically size energy projects

David Morgan Co CEO of SmartKlub said “Now is the time for communities in partnership with government to take control of our energy futures, we now have everything in place to take action”. We look forward to collaborating with OxLEP and our local communities in the discovery and launching of cleaner better ways to generate and save energy. Contact David at SmartKlub below to find out more and collaborate or drop us an email =

Link to CAPE landing page here
Link to SmartKlub website here
Link to David Morgan LinkedIn page here

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