Community Groups

How is CAPE relevant to my group or a community?

Are you a community group in Milton Keynes that is concerned about the issues of energy use and fuel poverty or passionate about tackling climate change? If so, your group could be making a real difference to your own lives and those of local people by participating in community energy initiatives, including:

  • Reducing  carbon footprint
  • Improving energy security and combating fuel poverty
  • Supporting the local economy, including creating local jobs
  • Generating profits that can be invested back into local communities
  • Increasing citizens’ understanding of  how energy is generated and how they consume it

There is already a lot of community activity happening in Milton Keynes that addresses issues and recognises opportunities that are related to energy use. From Wolverton Community Energy launching their first community energy shares offer in November 2015 to Transition MK organising events aimed at raising awareness of the low carbon living, and so much more. CAPE wants to build on this amazing activity to help scale up community energy projects in the city.

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Why getting involved and what is the purpose of CAPE?

The overarching goal of CAPE is to create an interactive website that will enable communities in Milton Keynes, including groups and community hubs (e.g. churches, community centres and schools), to take energy distribution into their own hands.

The website will be an easy to use tool that will give access to the necessary data, together with practical information and support on how to organise community energy projects, and access funding. Ultimately it will be a digital platform enabling collaborative working between the city’s communities, local authorities and suppliers.

Get involved in CAPE as this is your group’s opportunity to help create this tool and, ultimately, have your say as well as make your mark on the action around community energy in Milton Keynes.

How to get involved?

Whether you are an existing community with an interest in energy, another environmental group, or a community of residents caring for local people and local issues in and around your estate, we are inviting you to get involved with the CAPE Project.

Register your details by clicking here to receive regular updates about MK’s CAPE project. We will tell you about specific opportunities which your group can get involved with – these will include workshops, roadshows and other events that we will be organising as part of the project.

If you have any specific ideas, questions, concerns or thoughts about community energy and opportunities in Milton Keynes, please share them with us by e-mailing:

Join Community Action Platform for Energy to help us make community energy in Milton Keynes a reality.