Corporates & Public Sector


70Large_City_Centre_view_41Many Corporate & Public Sector organisations are already ahead of the game.  Some are catching up.  Either way, both can help CAPE while doing their bit for Milton Keynes while contributing to your Corporate and Social Responsibility targets.  Could you:

  • share your energy expertise acquired by your dedicated energy procurement professional?
  • inform us of your best practice from recent projects and suppliers?
  • aggregate your energy supply procurement with others and so get a better group buy deal?
  • extend a planned or medium term energy scheme with your neighbours and so reduce the carbon footprint of the surrounding community?

We hope you see there are many ways you can help the community of Milton Keynes save money, reduce fuel poverty and add to low carbon ambitions.


Call to action:

Please register your organisation details by clicking on this link.  By helping CAPE you will embed your organisation more closely with the region and your customers.