Individual Citizens

How is CAPE relevant to each individual?

Are you concerned about issues such as fuel poverty and climate change? Are you interested in using energy more efficiently in your home and reducing your energy bills? If so, CAPE is a great opportunity for you to take practical action and make a difference in your home, your workplace and in your local community. It is also a chance to connect with your neighbours, other citizens and groups in Milton Keynes, and gain benefits from:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced energy costs (and improved energy security)
  • Thriving local economy, including creation of local jobs
  • Generating profits that can be re-invested in your community
  • Gaining a better understanding of how energy is generated and how you consume it

Why getting involved and what is the purpose of CAPE?

CAPE will create an interactive website that will enable citizens and communities in Milton Keynes to take energy distribution into their own hands.

We want the website to be an easy to use tool that will give you access to vital data (satellite data that is currently available in Milton Keynes) that will illustrate if and how efficiently you use energy at your home, and enable you to compare it with other areas in the city. The website will also provide you with practical information and support on how to organise community energy projects, and access funding. Ultimately it will be a digital platform enabling you as a citizen to work collaboratively with other citizens, groups, local authorities and suppliers to make energy use cheaper, more efficient and more sustainable.


Getting involved in CAPE is your opportunity to help create this tool and, ultimately, have your say in how it should be meeting your needs and the needs of other citizens.

How to get involved?

Register your details by clicking here and you will receive regular updates about the CAPE project. We will tell you about specific opportunities you can get involved with, including workshops and other events that we will be organising as part of the project. We will also let you know about existing and new community energy groups and projects that you can be part of in your local area.

If you have any specific ideas, questions, concerns or thoughts on community energy and opportunities in Milton Keynes, please share them with us by e-mailing:

Join Community Action Platform for Energy to help us make community energy in Milton Keynes a reality.