130Large_Caldecotte_Lake_HomesLandlords have a special role to play in CAPE:

  • you are responsible for many tenants that wish to reduce their bills and stay warm
  • you may have previous experience of energy efficiency measures
  • if a large RSL you have access to many properties where economies of scale help get great prices
  • if you are a small scale landlord, perhaps we can help you club together with other smaller housing groups to build scale?
  • you may have some plans to tackle fuel poverty underway that we can help you with?

In short, you can really help CAPE kick start its energy schemes, while we can help you maintain an advantage for many years to come as we help build local capability in energy.

Our Call to Actio126Large_Monkston_Homes2n:

Please respond to our call to action and register here by clicking on this link.

Then you can help us design the perfect solution for landlords.  Together we can make a big difference quickly in Milton Keynes and then in the UK.