SME Businesses

142Large_City_Centre_offices_2Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) have challenges that often means acting on energy issues is never at the top of your agenda for any number of reasons:

  • perhaps you do not spend enough on energy at your premises to justify the effort an energy makeover requires?
  • may be you are already working 18 hours a day and simply do not have the time?
  • or you want to do something but your landlord isn’t convinced?
  • you might save money and cut carbon by changing your fleet vehicles, but are not sure?
  • your customers want you to be a more sustainable but you’re not certain how to do it?

If any of these challenges strike a chord, CAPE may well be able to help.  We plan to get a consortium of SMEs together so we can cut prices and ensure you get quality attention from a project manager.

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