Milton Keynes Council

Milton Keynes (MK) has a history of innovation and long term civic planning.  City MKC Logodevelopment has reached many original targets for growth and economic development set in the late 1960’s.  Milton Keynes Council has existing strategies and policies up to 2050 and the sustainability team are working on projects that contribute to the long term vision for the Borough to match that of the city founders.

Milton Keynes Council has 5 core themes which are used as a framework for the creation of any new policies or strategies:

  1. Cleaner, greener, safer, healthier MK: Low Carbon Living meets these ambitions by reducing pollution from transport and energy production. Warmer homes lead to healthier living.
  2. Visiting MK: Integrated, low carbon transport in the future will make MK a popular regional hub for commerce and leisure, without adversely affecting local citizens.
  3. Working in MK: Novel solutions to local energy supply and production will shift MK from being a consumer of fossil fuels to being a local producer of energy in a variety of forms. This will bring local employment and economic independence from uncertain world energy prices.
  4. Living in MK: A clean, Low Carbon city will be a pleasant place to live in, with additional employment opportunities provided by the local energy infrastructure.
  5. World Class MK: The technologies and techniques used to create the Low Carbon city will maintain the reputation of MK both nationally and internationally as a centre of innovation and excellence for planning, energy and environmental initiatives.

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CAPE Project

The CAPE project complements the sustainability aims of the Council and builds on the work of the MK:Smart Programme. The CAPE website will provide citizens with unique data sets to inspire sustainable energy choices. Links to organisations that can supply these low carbon solutions will also be available on the CAPE website.

Our sustainability project pages with CAPE can be viewed here. Our full website can be accessed here.

If you wish to make contact with Milton Keynes Council concerning the CAPE Project, please contact Christine Ballard by clicking here.