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OU-Combi68mm-RGBThe Open University is one of the largest Universities in the UK and a world leader in modern distance learning. The Open University is a research intensive University with a large active research programme, winning around €32 million of research income annually from EC, national research and industrial grants. It enjoys an international reputation for the quality of its research in fields such as Mathematics, Computing, Design and Engineering and was ranked in the top half of UK higher education institutions in the latest UK Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014).

Our Role in CAPE:

The Open University main responsibility in the CAPE project is the design of the CAPE platform, a web-based collaboration tool for community energy groups. This entails working with community groups and businesses to understand and formulate engineering requirements and working with data providers to acquire and curate energy-related urban data sets including energy data,  socio-economic data and satellite and aerial survey data.  The Open University will work closely with project partners to define data analytical capabilities for urban energy projects, which will put advanced urban data analytics into the hands of communities, enabling bottom-up social action.

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