SmartKlub Ltd

Our aim: Switching cities on to new, collaborative ways of powering themselves


We make city energy projects happen in the increasingly complex world of smart and renewable energy.

SmartKlub connects cities and suppliers in new ways that creates innovative energy projects.

Every city, community, citizen and project is unique.  We create local understanding of the landscape by listening and co-creating what works for each city, place and community.

Community Action Platform for Energy

The CAPE project is our most exciting example of turning this into something every cSmartklub_Backgroundommunity wants to join in with.

Our role on the project is as project manager, steering the overall concept and delivery of CAPE’s groundbreaking approach into a full scale movement that not only transforms Milton Keynes’ energy landscape but the UK’s too.

As a new company, we are very proud to be working with world class partners and the people of Milton Keynes to begin a new energy revolution.

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