CAPE_Suppliers.jpgAs the Communities of Milton Keynes work hard to create new schemes, we can only realise their dreams by delivering the schemes with great suppliers.

By suppliers we mean any organisation that contributes to delivering community energy projects through its various stages.  Projects may be group buy of power or gas; energy efficiency measures; renewable or low carbon generation schemes; or Smart services like virtual power plant or demand response.

Your involvement may be at any stage of the solution cycle: design, manufacture, installation, finance, operation, maintenance, fuel supply etc.

Your role in CAPE will be one or more of the following:

  • Share knowledge and co-create new energy solutions for the city
  • Better use obligation monies within the community
  • Support new projects and calls for funding
  • Fight fuel poverty and deaths from cold
  • Reduce carbon intensity within the city
  • Cooperative on a “living lab” to conduct research and development
  • Sponsor CRM community action

All in a scalable manner.  We want to make a measurable difference!

Please register your details in order to have the chance to work with us as part of our supplier network and shape the way CAPE works for you and the communities of Milton Keynes.

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